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NO ON SB1070!!! May 7, 2010

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Frankly, you all are missing the real issue. Being a woman of color I have experienced racial injustice and racial discrimination my entire life. Enough to know that racial profiling is NEVER EVER okay! And now they think that they can just slip it into law?!?!? This is not about us supporting immigrants being illegal or supporting illegals crossing the border without the appropriate paperwork. Its about the millions of Mexican Americans who are citizens. Born and raised here just like you, who will now legally be profiled, apprehended, harassed, discriminated against, and automatically assumed to be illegal. That is not right and that is not civil! So thank you Rev. Al Sharpton for inflamming the true issue when so many others are blind, because if this law goes into effect, honestly, WHO IS NEXT?
That’s the problem with white politicians. They think that if a law protect the rights of white Americans than it protects the rights of all Americans and that is not the case! As for President Obama I feel that by him not intervening he is condoning. President Obama we voted for you because you represented CHANGE so please don’t be afraid to do just that!


One Response to “NO ON SB1070!!!”

  1. JON UKO Says:

    This is so true and I totally agree that this law should not be passed. I have had tons of racial profiling and harrasment situations out here in AZ being a black male-23. From the nights clubs profiling a black mans wardrorbe, to the police assuming we are up to no good for being a black man in a nice car. RACIAL PROIFILING IS SO STUPID AND HAS MANY DOUBLE STANDARDS. ex. you can ride on 22 inch rims in a car, no problem if your white, but if your black and have 22inch rims, your are harrassed and assumed a drug dealer. I have personal experiance with this issue.

    Secondly, the new school bill against mexican american history is so racist. White people always get mad when we tell the truth about the oppression they have caused for all races non-white. From slavery to the prison system. They think we’re trying to turn the young ones against whites, ….. no its just that when young kids hear the truth they realize white people are against any no white races and that is how the US system is designed. People are just uneducated when they think we are trying to pull the race card. All americans should know the history behind the united states, not just the white side, which is always depicted as good history. In reality, whites enslaved all races around the world to build up the USA. But ofcourse if you tell people that you are going against the whites. All americans shopuld be against a law that violates civil rights.

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